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In addition to volunteering at Lestonnac Free Clinic, SHIP also has an on-campus club at the University of California, Irvine. To better serve our patient population and uphold our mission statement, we divide our undergraduate students into the following 5 committees.

Committees: Programs
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The Community Outreach committee works to publicize Lestonnac Free Clinic both on and off campus. This committee is in charge of reaching out to different organizations to help raise awareness and flyer in nearby communities for local Orange County residents to know of our healthcare services. Our committee also writes SHIP's quarterly newsletter and recruits our SHIP members to volunteer in both medical, dental, and non-healthcare service events around us. We believe in a strong sense of community (outreach)!


Finance and Fundraising

The Finance & Fundraising committee helps raise funds for Lestonnac Free Clinic in which proceeds goes directly towards purchasing clinic scrubs, PPE and clinic supplies, and building programs for our patients. Our members active work on/off campus food fundraisers, write project grants, and advertise online campaigns. We have held fundraisers, such as spam musubi, banh mi, stickers, and gift card raffles, and Benefit Concert. We hope to see you on Ring Road and @shipatuci soon!

Research and Development

The Research and Development committee in SHIP strives to innovate and introduce new topics in a research and medical capacity to improve the clinical experience for the patients at Lestonnac Free Clinic. The information gathered is given to other committees to develop their own programs and will also be presented to the UCI community through the Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP). Through our research, our members ultimately work to better patient flow and patient education programs at Lestonnac Free Clinic.

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Patient Education and Resources 

The Patient Education and Resources committee emphasizes and creates patient education material to help prevention of common medical and dental issues, such as hypertension, high blood pressure, and diabetes. To better serve our patients at Lestonnac Free Clinic, our members create Spanish phrase books, pamphlets, and other resources. The committee members also partner with the Community Outreach committee to accomplish similar goals and tasks.


The Mentorship committee partners undergraduate students with local high schoolers so they may receive first-hand knowledge and workshops of the college application process, healthcare field, and hands-on skills. Our members aim to foster a supportive and collaborative environment to lead a future generation of healthcare leaders. The program also matches undergraduate students with medical students from the UCI Medical School so undergraduates can better understand the process of applying to medical school.

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