Apart from servicing Crescent Clinic, SHIP also has an on-campus club at the University of California, Irvine. To help accomplish our goal of serving our patient population, we divide our undergraduate students into the following committees.

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Community Outreach spreads awareness about Crescent Clinic's many resources throughout the Orange County community and seeks partnerships with neighboring organizations that have a similar passion for the underserved. Our committee also writes SHIP's quarterly newsletter and recruits our SHIP members to volunteer in both medical and non-medical service events around us. We believe in a strong sense of community (outreach)!“

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Finance and Fundraising

The Finance and Fundraising Committee is in charge of organizing and hosting fundraising events to help run Crescent Clinic. You'll often see our members actively working at our on/off campus food fundraisers and online donation campaigns, but also at our annually popular Benefit Concert! We hope to catch you on Ring Road soon!

Research and Development

The Research and Development Committee in SHIP strives to innovate and introduce new topics in a research and medical capacity to improve the clinical experience for the patients at Crescent Clinic. Our work as participants in the Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP) helps us learn more about the population that we serve and the students involved in our organization.

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Patient Education and Resources 

PEAR ensures that patients are well informed about their health. This committee creates materials that will be beneficial in patients daily lives. A wide variety of resources including pamphlets about general health conditions, healthy recipes, stress relieving activities, and community resources are created to promote the importance of mental health and healthy lifestyles.


The mentorship committee aims to foster a supportive and collaborative environment within SHIP by implementing mentorship programs between medical students and undergraduates as well as between undergraduate board members and new recruits. Additionally, our committee also runs a high school mentorship program where we provide guidance and one-on-one mentorship to students at local high schools through workshops and outreach events.