Our Undergraduate Board

Tien To


Tien To – Internal President

Hello everyone! My name is Tien To, and I am the Internal President for SHIP. I am a fourth-year majoring in Public Health Sciences with plans to minor in Medical Humanities. Over the past four years, I have absolutely come to love working with so many inspirational undergraduates in SHIP to serve our patients. Some of my hobbies are traveling to new places, hanging out with friends, and working out, especially Zumba. I love anything Disney, from Disneyland to Tsum Tsums! I look forward to another great year with all my peers!


Christopher Kawata


Christopher Kawata – External President
My name is Christopher Kawata and I am the External President for the 2018-2019 academic year. I am currently a fourth year at UCI majoring in Human Biology. I have been a part of SHIP since Winter Quarter of my first year and hope to continue to help the clinic grow during the upcoming year. In the future, I hope to attend medical school and become a physician specializing in either Internal Medicine or Cardiology. Outside of school, I enjoy playing basketball, playing guitar, and listening to rock music (especially Skillet and Red).


Zahraa Al-Shammari


Zahraa Al-Shammari – Co-Vice President

Hello everyone! My name is Zahraa Al-shammari and I am a junior majoring in Biological Sciences following the pre-dental track. This year, I will be serving as one of the co vice presidents and my main goal is to smooth clinic flow. I joined SHIP as a freshman to be able to help serve the underserved population in Anaheim because the idea of having a free student-run clinic appealed to my passion of helping others in healthcare field. Outside of academics, I enjoy shopping, working out, and hiking in Laguna Beach with family and friends.


Andre Grande


Andre Grande – Co-Vice President
My name is Andre Grande and I am one of the Co-Vice Presidents for SHIP this year. I have been with SHIP ever since the winter quarter of my freshman year and I am excited to be able to serve as a vice president and help improve this organization. Besides volunteering in SHIP, I love to sing and am a part of the UCI Chamber Singers and a capella group called the Vermillion Vocalists. I also enjoy reading books and comics, watching tons of movies, and playing sports. In the future, I hope to attend medical school and become a pediatric oncologist.


Ashley Masuda


Ashley Masuda – Internal Relations Director

Hi, my name is Ashley and I’m in charge of Internal Relations for SHIP! I’m a fourth year Neurobiology major hoping to become an occupational therapist. I would like to become an OT because I love helping people and I think that it’s important to improve peoples’ quality of life. In addition to SHIP, I do research in a neurology lab and teach karate to special needs kids. In my free time I like to ice skate, play basketball, paint, and cook.


Jennifer Lai


Jennifer Lai – Secretary
Hi everyone! My name is Jennifer Lai and I am the Secretary for SHIP. I am a fourth year Biological Sciences major aspiring to become a physician. I joined SHIP because I entirely support its mission statement that healthcare is a right, not a privilege. I strive to ensure that the uninsured and underserved population have a voice and have access to quality healthcare. In addition to serving the underserved, I am passionate about my neuroscience research where I help further investigate a source of early-life stress provoked depression.


Irma Fernandez


Irma Fernandez – Finance and Fundraising Co-Chair

My name is Irma Fernandez and I am one of the Finance and Fundraising Co-Chairs. I am a junior majoring in biomedical engineering: pre-medicine, who in addition to volunteering is a part of the Haun lab. SHIP has given me the opportunity to realize my goal of helping the underrepresented communities. Every time I visit the clinic and I see the impact we make in a patient’s life, I am reminded why I have chosen a medical career. In the future, I hope to work in translational research in order to help build a bridge between the medical and research worlds.


Cassandra Diones


Cassandra Diones- Finance and Fundraising Co-Chair
My name is Cassandra Diones and I am one of the Finance and Fundraising Co-Chairs for the 2018-2019 academic year. I am currently a third year here at UCI studying Biological Sciences. I have been apart of SHIP since fall quarter of my freshman year and have been very fortunate to see this organization grow tremendously. I have so much respect for what SHIP represents and look forward to continuing to serve the underserved with my fellow SHIPmates. Outside of SHIP and school, I enjoy spending time with my friends and family, being active, going to Disneyland, and taking my mini-schnauzer to the dog park.


Maria Nguyen


Maria Nguyen – Community Outreach Co-Chair

Hi there! My name is Maria, I am a third-year Biological Sciences major, and one of this year’s Community Outreach Co-Chairs! I joined SHIP interested in gaining an opportunity to provide free healthcare services to the people of Orange County and beyond, no matter their race, religion, insurance or socioeconomic status – and we at Crescent Clinic do just that. I love seeing how dedicated the team is to treating every patient that walks in, and it has inspired me to continue my efforts toward becoming a physician so I can one day do the same for my own patients.


Celine Ton


Celine Ton – Community Outreach Co-Chair
Hi all! My name is Celine Ton, and I have the honor of serving as SHIP Community Outreach Co-Chair for the 2018-2019 academic year. I am a third-year Biological Sciences major, and my career goals include obtaining an MD/MPH and being involved in both medicine and public policy in order to improve health literacy and implement healthcare reform. In addition to my role in this wonderful organization, I am a member of the Suetterlin Lab, ASUCI Housing Security Co-Commissioner, and a Mesa Court RA. In my free time, I enjoy taking pictures of my dogs, binge-watching Netflix, and making terrible puns. I would try to stop, but that ship has sailed!


Melanie Nguyen


Melanie Nguyen – SHIP Mentorship Program Co-Coordinator

My name is Melanie Nguyen, and I’m one of the SHIP Mentorship Program Co-Coordinators! I’m a fourth year Human Biology major who hopes to become a physician in either Internal Medicine or Family Medicine. As a strong advocate for quality and accessible patient care, I love working with SHIP to provide such for underprivileged communities. In addition to SHIP, I also work in an Opthalmology office and conduct research for the Orthopaedic department at UC Irvine Health. A couple of my hobbies are hanging out with friends, learning songs on my ukulele, and working on my bullet journal.


Marvin Paguio


Marvin Paguio – SHIP Mentorship Program Co-Coordinator
Hello! My name is Marvin Paguio, and I am a co-coordinator for the SHIP Mentorship Program. I am a junior biology major with a minor in the medical humanities. I admire SHIP because it not only provides health care to the underserved, but also grants the undergrads an active role in a student-run health clinic. As mentorship coordinator, I hope to facilitate lasting connections and foster a supportive SHIP community. My ultimate goal is to become a physician and guide others to reach their full educational potentials. Beyond academics, I enjoy filmmaking, running, and spending time with family and friends.


Samiha Ali


Samiha Ali – Social Work Committee Co-Chair

Hi everyone! My name is Samiha Ali and I’ll be serving as one of SHIP’s Social Work Committee Co-Chairs for this academic year. I’m currently a fourth year student majoring in Biological Sciences and minoring in Public Health. I love being a part of SHIP because of the positive impact we have on the local underserved community in terms of healthcare and beyond. In my free time, I love exploring new music, trying new foods, and spending time with friends and family.


Christine Louis


Christine Louis – Social Work Committee Co-Chair
Hello! My name is Christine Louis and I am one of the Social Work Committee Co-Chairs. I am a fourth year Biological Sciences major at UCI with a minor in Psychology and Social Behavior. I joined SHIP because I too believe that everyone should have access to medical care no matter their socioeconomic status. As a free clinic intern, I’ve gained valuable experiences working alongside physicians and obtaining direct patient interactions. I aspire to go to medical school one day and become a doctor. Outside of my academic goals, I enjoy traveling, dancing, and eating tasty food (especially sweets)!


Matthew Nguyen


Matthew Nguyen – Research and Development Committee Head

My name is Matthew Nguyen and I am the Head of the Research and Development Committee of the organization. I am currently majoring in Biological Sciences and graduating in 2019. I decided to join SHIP in order to gain knowledge on the medical field by serving the underserved community in a professional yet selfless setting. I hope in the upcoming years, both SHIP and Crescent Clinic will develop to be more successful organizations built on the selflessness and hard work of the undergraduates. Outside of SHIP and academics, I enjoy playing guitar, finding new music, and trying new food.


Allan Ahorro


Allan Ahorro – EMR Coordinator
Hello everyone! My name is Allan Ahorro, and I am the EMR Coordinator for this year. I am a fourth year Human Biology major hoping to become either a physician or orthopedic surgeon in the future. I joined SHIP during the summer after my second year and I enjoy every moment of it. I joined SHIP because I wanted to be able to make an impact on the underserved community who do not have the privilege of having health insurance. During my free time, I like to play basketball, get food with friends, or play Fortnite.


Zachary Wong


Zachary Wong – Web Technician

Hi everybody, my name is Zachary Wong and I am SHIP’s Web Technician. I am a fourth year student at UCI majoring in Computer Science with plans to minor in Health Informatics. Although I am not studying a major that is explicitly health care related, I would still like to contribute to the health care field and I believe that my ability to code allows me to do so. In my spare time, I enjoy playing the piano, gaming, and cooking.