Our Undergraduate Board

Zahraa Al-shammari | Internal President

Hello everyone!  My name is Zahraa Al-shammari and I will be a senior majoring in Biological Science and minoring in Public Health. Ever since my freshman year, serving a diverse underserved patient population at Crescent Clinic and interacting with SHIPmates at UCI have been fulfilling and impactful. Diversity, empathy, & teamwork – three words I knew the definition of, but never really understood until I started to volunteer with SHIP to uphold its core philanthropic mission. Despite the hardships that most of our patients have undergone, their smile is manifestation of resilience and I want to pursue a career as a Dentist to advocate for oral health. Outside of SHIP, I am a Learning Assistant, External Vice President of Pre-Dental Society, and work as a certified dental assistant. To maintain my life balance, I enjoy going on long hikes and being outdoors. Fun fact: I am an adrenaline junkie at heart.

. Andre Grande | External President

Hi! My name is Andre Grande and I am a 4th year majoring in Neurobiology. I joined SHIP during my freshman and ever since then, I have fallen in love for what the organization has stood for. Volunteering in this clinic has taught me the reality of healthcare and the sheer amount of underserved individuals who desperately need our services. Being in SHIP has been the most rewarding experience and opportunity I have had in my undergraduate career: it has given me the ability to provide for the needs to those who don’t have what we have. Other than SHIP, I sing for the Vermillion Vocalist a capella group, I participate both as a member and an occasional pianist for the Navigators Christian club, and I am an undergraduate researcher at the Andresen lab in UCI. Other hobbies of mine include playing video games, reading novels, and playing sports. I also really really love superheroes and am a huge comic book reader and nerd (Batman for life). I do however prefer DC over Marvel but I definitely love both.

Cindy Vu | Co-Vice President

My name is Cindy Vu and I am a third year majoring in Biological Sciences. SHIP encourages an active and altruistic approach to learning more about a medical oriented environment and helping patients. Volunteering at Crescent Clinic has left me with a growing appetite for the endless possibilities of healthcare, and I hope to uphold its philanthropic values. I wholeheartedly believe that healthcare should be accessible to people of all backgrounds. Outside of SHIP, I work as a Campuswide Honors Peer Academic Advisor, a licensed pharmacy technician at CVS, and an undergraduate researcher at the Piomelli Lab at UCI. To destress, I like to play videogames, swim, and go to cafes.


Asma Karim | Co-Vice President

Hello! My name is Asma Karim, and I m a third year majoring in Biomedical Engineering: Premedical. I joined SHIP to be a part of a greater medical community and foster my love and compassion for serving people. SHIP has taught me strength and honor that I carry with me as I care for our patients and SHIP members. To destress, I love to binge watch anything emotional or laugh with my friends and family. I have hobbies such as music and eating, but my true calling is sleep. I am involved in other UCI organizations called GROWTHH (Global Refugee Organization Working Towards Health & Hope) and AEMS (Anteater Emergency Medical Services), and I also work as an undergraduate researcher for the UCI Brain-Computer Interface Lab.

Isaac Cinco | Clinic Coordinator

Hi! My name is Isaac Cinco, and I am a third year Biological Sciences Major. SHIP has provided me with the amazing opportunity to help those within the community through our free health clinic. This experience has also stimulated my interest in medicine and healthcare, and I hope to apply what I’ve learned as I pursue my dream of being a Pathologist. When things get a little stressful, I like to play videogames and a little ukulele. Other than SHIP, I am a part of Anteater Emergency Medical Services, Christian Students of Irvine, and Global Refugee Organization Working Towards Health and Hope. In addition, I am a member of a research lab looking towards addressing certain diseases related to our microbiomes.

Cassandra Diones | Secretary

Hi, my name is Cassandra Diones and I am currently a fourth year majoring in Biological Sciences. I started in SHIP almost four years ago and have been fortunate enough to see this organization grow tremendously. Our top goal is to make healthcare accessible to all parts of our community and leave behind any discrimination against ethnicity, religion, financial status or legal status. Being able to meet patients from all walks of life, hearing their stories, and making an impact on their lives no matter how small is something I hold close to my heart. Outside of SHIP and school, I shadow a pediatric cardiologist at Pacific Pediatric Cardiology. In my free time I like to read suspense novels, go to the spa with my mom, play football with my dad and brothers, spend time at the beach with my boyfriend, take my mini-schnauzer named Bella to the bark park, and tell bad jokes.

Meena Hoshmand | Co-Marketing Director

Hello! My name is Meena Hoshmand and I am a fourth-year Biological Sciences major with a minor in Medical Anthropology. I began SHIP in the summer after my second year and immediately fell in love with this organization and the cause we stand for! Working alongside my fellow SHIPmates, I am able to help the underserved and build a family-like community. Besides SHIP, I am the ASUCI’s Recruitment & Retention Commissioner, Social Chair for PACT, Peer TA for the Bio 2A program, volunteer at the UCI Medical Center, and work at a Physical Therapy as a PT Aide. In my free time to de-stress, I love to travel, run, dance, and meddle in photography!

Cathy Lu | Co-Marketing Director

Hello! My name is Cathy Lu and I am a second-year Biological Science major. SHIP has given me the opportunity to foster my passion and growth on the path to becoming a health-care provider. Through volunteering at Crescent Clinic, I’m given the chance to make an impact in the community by engaging in patient-care and providing healthcare resources for those in need. Besides SHIP, I am a member of CAC (Colleges Against Cancer) which aims to raise funds to those affected by cancer. My favorite places to go to are trips to the beach or having picnics at Aldrich Park. To destress, I like to do yoga, watch movies and consume an abundance of coffee and matcha tea. 

Alisa Chen | Co-Fundraising & Finance Committee Leader 

Hi! My name is Alisa(Aleeesa) Chen and I am a second-year Biological Sciences major. Since joining SHIP fall quarter of my first year, my experiences in SHIP(both with the many kind patients at clinic and with the amazing people I’ve met in the club) serve as a constant reminder that a career in healthcare is the right path for me to follow; I have a passion for the patients I get to work for and a love for all the SHIP members I get to work alongside with. In my time outside SHIP and academics, I work as a private tutor, enjoy going to karaoke with friends, watch way too much YouTube(anything from political comedy to Jenna Marbles), and go boxing for some intense destressing.

Brian Vu | Co-Fundraising & Finance Committee Leaders

Hey everyone, my name is Brian Vu and I am a third-year Biological Sciences major. I became a part of this fantastic organization during the summer of my freshman year and it has been a fantastic learning experience for me. My interactions with the patients at the clinic and my fellow members have further solidified and reaffirmed my healthcare aspirations. Outside of SHIP, I am also involved in the Anteater Emergency Medical Services (AEMS) as well as the Global Refugee Organization Working Towards Health and Hope (GROWTHH), which I constructed alongside my friends. In my down time, I enjoy playing scintillating video games, reading every now and then, as well as watching TV Shows, movies, and a plethora of YouTube videos. I also enjoy playing soothing melodies on my guitar should I ever have the time to do so.

Clare Kanchana | Co-Community Outreach Committee Leader 

Hello friends! My name is Clare and I am a fourth-year Human Biology major with a minor in Medical Anthropology. I joined SHIP the fall quarter of my second year and it helped me open my eyes to the community we serve at the clinic. I learned to appreciate the things we do for our patients and the impact we create as a whole. Seeing the smiles and gratuity from the patients motivates me to continue pursuing a career in medicine and further serving this community. Outside of SHIP, I am part of the Archery team, a GSAA at the Study Abroad Center, a SPOP Staffer, and a Global Connect Intern. In my free time, I love to play games, sing songs, play with my cats, and take long walks. Fun fact, I have four cats but I’m allergic them.

Celine Ton | Co-Community Outreach Committee Leaders

Hi all! My name is Celine Ton, and I have the honor of serving as SHIP Community Outreach Co-Chair for the 2019-2020 academic year. I am a fourth-year Biological Sciences major with a minor in Civic and Community Engagement. My career goals include obtaining an MD/MPH and being involved in both medicine and public policy in order to improve health literacy and implement healthcare reform. SHIP has given me the opportunity to make an impact in the community and help provide healthcare to those in need. In addition to my role in this wonderful organization, I have been involved in student government, participated in undergraduate research, and worked as a resident advisor in Mesa Court. In my free time, I enjoy taking pictures of my dogs, binge-watching Netflix, and making terrible puns. I would try to stop, but that ship has sailed!

John Cruz | Co-PEAR Committee Leader 

Hi there! My name is John, and I am a fourth-year human biology major at UC Irvine. I joined SHIP the summer after my second year and have thus gained an appreciation for working with and for the underserved. As the Patient Education and Resources co-committee leader, I have learned impactful lessons regarding patient advocacy, education, and wellness. In my life outside of SHIP, I have learned the value of self-preservation and continuously strive to make time to destress by visiting the local farmers market every Saturday morning and playing the drums in a band on campus. Similar to my involvement in SHIP, I am also a research associate for the Trauma Research Associate Program (T-RAP), the coordinator for the Bio 2A Peer TA program, and a leader in InterVarsity Christian Fellowship. An interesting fact about me is that I am unusually competitive when playing board games for my own good.

Zainab Khan | Co-PEAR Committee Leaders

Hi, my name is Zainab Khan and I am a 4th year Neurobiology major! During my time at UCI I have explored various clubs and activities and the ones I am most passionate about are the UCI Women’s Center (W-HUB), Muslim Student Union(MSU) and SHIP of course! I work at a neuroscience research lab at the medical school studying Alzheimer’s disease and Hippocampal Sclerosis.

Hafsah Umerani | Research & Development Committee Leader 

Hello! My name is Hafsah Umerani, and I’m a fourth year Biology major here at UCI. I joined SHIP at Crescent Clinic in Fall Quarter of my second year, and my experience here is the reason why I’m pursuing a career in medicine. Seeing the interaction between the doctors and patients, as well as the dedication of my fellow volunteers, made me realize that patient-centered healthcare is what I’d like to dedicate my life to. As R&D Committee Leader, I’m incredibly excited to learn more about the patient and student experience. Outside of SHIP, I’m involved in Diversity in Medicine, am a Discussion Leader for University Studies 1, and am shadowing at UCI Medical Center through ICE. When school gets too stressful, I like to read or talk with my roommates. I also love trying new baking recipes; it’s always amazing to make something that people can enjoy together!

Marvin Paguio | Co-Mentorship Committee Leaders

Hello! My name is Marvin Paguio, and I am a co-coordinator for the SHIP Mentorship Program. I am a senior Human Biology major with a minor in the Medical Humanities. I have been in SHIP since sophomore year and am still in awe by how much this organization has taught me, from the clinical interactions to the reality of healthcare inequity. This organization has also allowed me to continue my interests in mentorship, in building connections within and outside the SHIP community. Beyond SHIP and academics, I conduct research with rare genetic diseases and discuss current topics in healthcare with the org Healing through Humanities. In my free time, I love to meditate, run, and spend time in nature. I ground myself by taking time to appreciate other people and the present moment–to find happiness and humor in the small things.

Jonathan Lee | Co-Mentorship Committee Leader 

Hello everyone! My name is Jonathan Lee, and I am one of the committee leaders of the SHIP Mentorship Committee and a second year Biological Sciences major at UCI. I joined SHIP in the fall quarter of my first year and have grown to understand how important healthcare is to underserved populations and the need to establish healthcare as a right for everyone. Through SHIP, I realized my passion towards interacting with patients, helping me commit to ultimately pursuing a career in health. In addition to clinical interactions, SHIP has allowed me to continue mentoring younger peers through our mentorship program with our high school branches. Outside of SHIP, I am a part of Global Medical Training (GMT), where we travel to and hold free medical clinics in Latin American and South American countries. During my free time, I love to go fishing, do improvisational comedy, and cook!